From its inception, we embarked on a journey to shape Las Olas MedSpa’s visual identity. This included the conceptualization and design of their logo, crafting an all-encompassing brand identity, and developing a brand usage guide to ensure unwavering consistency.
Our involvement extended to creating professional business cards and eye-catching flyers that perfectly encapsulated the essence of Las Olas MedSpa. We played a crucial role in conceptualizing and contributing to the design of the spa itself, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic that resonated with the brand’s identity and values.



The Brand Identity Guide we meticulously crafted for Las Olas MedSpa was a comprehensive document that served as the North Star for maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand image. This guide was more than a set of rules; it was a blueprint that encapsulated the essence of the brand, its personality, and the emotions it aimed to evoke.



The guide outlined guidelines for logo usage, including clear space, size variations, and color options. We defined the primary color palette that reflected the spa’s values, associating specific colors with various aspects of its services and ambiance.



In addition to defining the core brand elements, the brand identity guide extended its purview to encompass various promotional materials. This included the design specifications for impactful flyers, banners, and other promotional collateral. The guide meticulously outlined the layout, color schemes, typography guidelines, and imagery usage specific to these marketing materials. It emphasized the need for visual consistency and adherence to the brand’s aesthetic to ensure a cohesive promotional campaign that resonated with the overarching brand identity. By providing clear directives for promotional materials, the brand identity guide played a pivotal role in aligning marketing efforts with the brand’s vision, enhancing brand recognition, and maintaining a professional, unified look across all advertising touchpoints.



A significant focus of our collaboration was dedicated to shaping the spa’s online presence, mainly through its social media platforms. We carefully curated a unique and engaging style for their posts, harmonizing with the brand’s image. This involved strategic planning, content creation, and visual design to effectively convey the spa’s luxurious experience and connect with its audience.
In essence, our comprehensive collaboration encompassed every aspect of branding, from the foundational elements like the logo and branding guide to the tangible representations like business cards and flyers. Additionally, we successfully extended our creative expertise to transform their physical space and craft a captivating digital narrative through social media, ensuring a cohesive and all-encompassing brand experience for Las Olas MedSpa and their patients.



Moreover, an intricate and distinctive pattern was created as a vital component of their brand identity. This unique pattern served as a versatile design element meant to be employed in various creative ways across different materials. It added an extra layer of sophistication and uniqueness, becoming a signature visual asset for Las Olas MedSpa. This pattern enhanced the overall brand image and provided flexibility in design applications, reinforcing the brand’s recognition and establishing a solid and memorable visual identity.